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BSH Radio 5: Mike Boone of the Montreal Gazette Speaks About Hitler Comments

On this week's edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio, we speak to Mike Boone, the columnist from the Montreal Gazette who compared the Flyers to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Mr. Boone gave us his justification for making the comments, which were considered outlandish by some and downright offensive by others. He also responded to a few questions and comments from BSH readers, as well as whether or not he feels he should be temporarily suspended from his position at the Gazette for the comments he made.

The conversation is an interesting case study in just how differently certain members of the traditional media understand the difference between what is printed in the newspaper and what is printed on the Internet. It's safe to say that those of us who are exclusively on the web see this divide differently.

Moving on, Ben joins the show and the three of us chat about the salary cap issues, or lack thereof, that the Flyers face heading into this offseason. We address criticisms of Danny Briere and go off on several tangents, including wondering if the Philadelphia Kixx are still around town.

We also answer a question or two from listeners ourselves because, well, it's the Olympic break and there's not much else to talk about.

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