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Olympic Hockey Day 3 Preview and Open Thread: USA, Canada, Russia look to Continue Dominance

It's pretty much a carbon copy of Monday's action--Americans up first, then the Canadians, and the Russians last.  Except there's no Latvia on the bill, so it's not entirely clear why we're supposed to care.  At the end of the night,  odds are three teams will still be undefeated, and three teams will still be winless.



Group A Game 3: United States (1-0-0-0) vs. Norway (0-0-0-1) - USA Network:  There was an interesting moment in the Canada-Norway game where Patrick Thoresen came close to scoring a goal.  By close, I mean he had a shot on goal, which is more than most any other Norwegian can claim.  Do we miss Patrick Thoreson? He gave his left ball for us, and we let him go.  This game should be a chance for the US offense to go nuts, which Jonas Hiller didn't really give them.

3dflags-che1-2_medium3dflags-can1-2_mediumGroup A Game 4: Canada (1-0-0-0) vs. Switzerland (0-0-0-1) - 7:30 EST - CNBC: Switzerland may be neutral, but the Canadians are going to spend this whole game invading them regardless.  How much can Jonas Hiller take before he breaks? I'm guessing about five goals will go in before the final horn sounds.  Mike Richards will probably score at least two of them, already feeling the pressure of Oskars Bartulis breathing down his neck on the Flyers scoring race subplot that has dominated much of the Olympic coverage in Vancouver.  Rumors about Mark Streit leaving a trail of poisoned Lindt truffles around Martin Brodeur's locker are as of yet unconfirmed.

3dflags-svk1-2_mediumGroup B Game 3: 3dflags-rus1-2_mediumRussia (1-0-0-0) vs. Slovakia (0-0-0-1) - 11:55 EST - CNBC: Slovakia didn't play that badly against the Czechs, outshooting them almost 2-1.  But Tomas Vokoun was good enough to shut them down consistently, and I'm guessing Nabokov or Bryzgalov will be as well.  If the Russians go with Varlamov things could be slightly dicier, but I don't see that happening.  A Russian rout would help Latvian self-esteem, so let's hold out for that, I guess.

As per usual, your comments and thoughts are needed and encouraged all day and all of the night.

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