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BSH Radio 6: Ben and Geoff play Flyers trivia, plus Olympic talk and a Latvian eulogy

Ben Rothenberg eulogizes the 2010 Latvian Olympic team on this week's show.
Ben Rothenberg eulogizes the 2010 Latvian Olympic team on this week's show.

On this week's edition of Broad Street Hockey Radio, it's clear that the Olympic break has gone to our heads a little bit.

In an effort to spice up the proceedings since there isn't much Flyers related stuff to talk about, Travis put together a little Flyers related trivia game for Ben and Geoff to play against each other. There was a decisive winner of the contest, and if you'd like to challenge him in a future show, let us know ASAP. Listen to the show to find out who the winner was, of course.

Also, trying to spice things up a little more and inspire some listener interaction, we welcomed frequent commenter Jason, aka HockeyOutsiders, on the show to talk some Flyers hockey, as well as what it's like to be a Canadian and a Flyers fan simultaneously. Oh, and since it's the Olympic season, we had to talk some curling.

Ben also prepared a heartfelt eulogy for our brothers in arms, the Latvian Olympic hockey team, and he delivered it towards the beginning of this week's show. We also talked some Olympic hockey and whether or not Chris Pronger's poor play in the tournament is a concern going forward.

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