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A bit of an announcement

If you follow us on Twitter -- @BroadStHockey, what are you waiting for? -- then you likely already know this news, but for the rest of our loyal readers, I have a major yet not so major announcement to make.

I've been handed the tremendous honor of becoming SB Nation's NHL manager, meaning I'm responsible for all 32 of the SBN Hockey blogs that you already know and love, as well as the job of editing and writing over at, where I've already been working for the last few months.

Of course, a job doesn't become open without someone else leaving it, and we're losing an exceptional member of the SBN family with this move. Brandon Worley, managing editor at Defending Big D, has accepted a job at NBC Sports managing a brand new hockey blog called The site launches on Monday.

It's a well-deserved step in Brandon's budding hockey writing career and we'll certainly miss him around these parts. He's been a wonderful asset in personally helping me out, as well as the rest of the writers at SBN Hockey. I wish him the best of luck in his new job.

Like I said, it's a tremendous honor to be trusted with this job. I'd like to thank Brandon for paving the way, James Mirtle for first bringing me on to create BSH a year ago, as well as all the work he did as league manager before Brandon, and Tyler Bleszinski for giving me the chance to run the hockey mothership here. I'm truly flattered.

I said it was a major yet not so major announcement though, and that's because nothing here at BSH is going to change. I'll have other duties to attend to of course, but nothing here at our site will be different at all. I'll still be writing here just as often and Ben, Geoff and I will continue to improve BSH to the best of our abilities.