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Friday Morning Fly By: USA women fall to Canada, bring home silver

image by Yahoo's <a href=",224307" target="new">Fourth Place Medal</a>
image by Yahoo's Fourth Place Medal

Today's open discussion thread, including your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • The American women did in fact fall to the Canadians 2-0 last night in Vancouver. It's Canada's third straight gold in women's hockey. [SB Nation]
  • Yet another reason why the IOC is full of complete idiots.. Canada celebrated on the ice last night, drinking a few beers and smoking cigars. The IOC is investigating because some of the girls were under 19, the legal drinking age in Canada. I understand the law and everything, but when you win a gold freakin' medal in your home country, I think you have earned the right to celebrate. It's not like they were rowdy or anything. They didn't embarrass the IOC, their team, their country, or themselves with their actions, and the creepy, corrupt international governing body needs to let it go. [Fourth Place Medal]
  • The American men take on Kimmo Timonen and Finland today at 3 PM ET in the semifinals live on real NBC. Winner goes to the gold medal game, loser to the bronze game.
  • Canada and Slovakia face off in the other semifinal at 9 PM ET on CNBC.
  • Gabe Desjardins has compiled the odds of each team winning a medal this weekend. The USA has a 21 percent shot at gold and a 14 percent shot at sadness, meaning no medal at all. [Behind The Net]
  • Much thanks to Anthony SanFillippo at the Delco Times for an article in today's paper featuring some of Geoff's work. [Delco Times]
  • We talked a bunch before about the move of the AHL team in Albany and it's impact on the Phantoms in Glens Falls. Albany may not be without a team for long. [SBN]
  • has a new look. [CSN]
  • Ice Basketball. Yep, Ice basketball. [SBN]