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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Edmonton Game Day and Phantoms News

Old school today. via <a href=""></a>
Old school today. via

Today's open discussion thread, including your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • Last night's NHL scores... TOR 3 - NJ 0; TB 2 - ATL 1; WAS 4 - BOS 1; MON 3 - VAN 2; DAL 4 - MIN 2; PHO 1 - NAS 0 (SO); COL 5 - CLB 1; LA 2 - NYR 1; DET 4 - SJ 2
  • The Capitals have now won 11 in a row.  Seriously.
  • The Flyers are still in sole possession of 6th place in the East.
  • Last night, the Phantoms lost to Norfolk 2-1.  Some of Tim McManus' assorted thoughts: "Of the two new players, defenseman Denis Bodrov and forward Mika Pyorala, Bodrov was much more impressive. Bodrov is a flashy skater and made a couple of brilliant pivots to keep the puck in the zone on a 4-on-4 in the first period. He also set up Marc-Andre Bourdon for a good chance. I didn’t notice Pyorala much." [PostStar]
  • Patrick Maroon scored a power play goal to put the Phantoms up 1-0 last night, making that his 9th point in 7 games. [Tim McManus]
  • One more Phantoms note:  Tim McManus spoke with the Phantoms owner on the Phantoms playing in Philadelphia next year, the Flyers playing in Glens Falls next year, and how the construction is going in Allentown. [PostStar]
  • Some pre-game stories on tonight's game in Edmonton: [Daily News] [CSNPhilly]
  • More Matt Carle Olympic talk: [Daily News]
  • Simon Gagne isn't worried about his goal drought.  Really? [Inquirer]
  • Is the youth movement in the NHL already here?  Average age of the top three scorers on each team: [From The Rink]
  • Hate the charity point (or the Bettman point)? Here's some fancy charts on expected winning percentage since the lockout: [Behind The Net]
  • Some charts on how each team drafts.  Spoiler: Flyers are far below average in "number of players playing on the team that drafted them" but just above average in "number of team-drafted players still playing in the NHL".  So they can draft decently, but they don't care? [Behind The Net]
  • You may have heard there's this guy named Kovalchuk on the trading block.  Does he have an advantage playing in the Southeast Division? "For general managers, I think the implication is obvious: don’t acquire a player from the Southeast and expect him to match the offence he posted in that division. The reverse holds true for Southeast G.M.’s; players acquired from outside the division can be (as a rule) expected to exceed their results from outside the division." [Hockey or Die]
  • Oh, and it appears Kovalchuk is going to Los Angeles.  "Malkin to the Kings"?  Maybe.  Maybe not. [From The Rink]