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Thursday Morning Fly By: Bad Loss, Contract Talks, and Trade Talk

Today's open discussion thread, including your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • Last night's NHL scores... Oilers 1 - Flyers 0; OTT 4 - BUF 2; STL 3 - CHI 2; CAL 4 - CAR 1; ANA 3 - DET 1
  • Recaps: [NHL] [DelcoTimes] [Daily News] [CSNPhilly] [Inquirer] [the700level]
  • Scoring Chances from last night: [mc79hockey]
  • Last night, the Senators extended their franchise-best winning streak to 10 games. []
  • The Phantoms lost in a shootout last night, 5-4. [PostStar]
  • But good news from the Phantoms loss is that Patrick Maroon now has 7 points in his last 5 games. [Tim McManus]
  • Jacob De Serres won again last night, making him 15-1-0 in his last 16 games. He made 27 saves. [Luber's Lounge]
  • Before complaining about a conspiracy against the Flyers, remember the Red Wings have a better case.  They were robbed again last night.  [YouTube]
  • Michael Leighton got the start last night.  That obviously means a story about him was written. [Inquirer]
  • Reports were that Ray Emery was scratched to get some rest, others were that he had a groin injury, and yet another said he was being disciplined for off-ice issues.  Holmgren says what everyone expected him to say: "Ray Emery is completely healthy and could certainly (have played) in the game," Holmgren said. "The coaching staff has decided to play Michael Leighton and rest Ray." [DelcoTimes]
  • As Travis already posted, the Flyers are talking extension with Ray Emery.  My question is, why does this picture include David Laliberte and Mika Pyorala? [CSNPhilly]
  • Here's the BSH post for discussion on Emery's possible contract extension: [FanShot]
  • A pretty funny take on last night's loss: [The Flying P Blog]
  • A bunch of trade talk.  First, Ray Whitney: "Pierre LeBrun says that the Carolina Hurricanes will seek "a pick and/or prospect in return, which means inquiring clubs would be taking a sizeable cap hit without sending any salary the other way." [Puck Daddy]
  • ...More Kovalchuk news (Ugh) [Daily News]
  • ...Breaking down how Eklund is staying on top of the Kovalchuk rumors: [Hockey or Die]
  • ...And a look at Google Trends last night: [From The Rink]
  • In case you missed it in Travis' story yesterday, I highly recommend reading this post on the 1987 Stanley Cup Finals: [Copper & Blue]
  • Is there a better way to show NHL standings?  [TNABACG]
  • Lastly, as promised in last night's game thread, here is Jonathan Willis' take on Simon Gagne's scoring slump: [Hockey or Die]