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Nick Boynton on Re-Entry Waivers: Grab Him

As reported by Bob McKenzie and linked to by MarioD, Anaheim has placed defenseman Nick Boynton on re-entry waivers today.

This is really simple to understand (Mario put it quite nicely) so follow along:  Boynton will only cost the Flyers $750,000 on their cap hit, and that is prorated out.  He has a $7,772 daily cap hit, and there are only 66 days left in the season.  That means Boynton will only cost the Flyers $512,952.  That is dirt cheap.

Now, according to, the Flyers can only pick up a season-long contract valued at $184,476.  This is very complicated due to LTIR, daily calculation, proration, and all that junk, but to put it very simply:  The Flyers are adding a $750,000 contract with essentially $184,000 in room.  Waive Ole-Kristian Tollefsen ($600,000) and you have $34,000 of cap cushion.  You still have 9 defensemen on your team, so when they get healthy, that very little cap space is not a problem.

Because Boynton is easily an upgrade over OKT - let alone Danny Syvret and Lukas Krajicek - Paul Holmgren would be an idiot to not at least put a claim in.  This doesn't mean the Flyers would succeed in their claim, though.  According to Pension Plan Puppets (and this just backs up my previous knowledge), waiver priority is determined by lowest possible points percentage.  Unfortunately, the Flyers are currently 15th in that category (excluding Anaheim).

Still, this is a no-brainer:  Boynton would cost slightly more than Krajicek and he's actually a #4-5 defenseman.  Having a defense of:


is a lot better than what they have now.