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Stars Acquire Lehtonen; Turco To Flyers Rumors Seem To Be Conjecture

The Dallas Stars have traded for goaltender Kari Lehtonen tonight, a move that has opened the flood gates on speculation about Marty Turco's future with the club. According to one report, the Flyers are talking with the Stars tonight about potentially acquiring the goaltender.

Here's Nick Kypreos of Rogers' Sportsnet via Twitter:

Dallas/Atlanta still waiting for trade call to complete Kari Lehtonen deal. Dallas/ Philly talks ongoing for Marty Turco.

It's not much, and it could mean that the Flyers are just making an inquiry about the soon-to-be-free-agent Turco. But with Bob McKenzie of TSN also mentioning on Twitter that there are only two teams that could be interested in Turco, one of them being the Flyers, I think it's okay for us to at least have a discussion about this.

First off, any deal for Turco means salary has to go back to the Stars. He has a whopping cap hit of 5.7 million and the Flyers flat out can't afford that without moving some major, major pieces. There are nuances in the rules when it comes to the the cap and prorated contracts, though. Regardless, it's tough to fit Turco in here without doing several things.

There are a ton of rumors out there regarding specific players, but none of them seem to hold any weight. All we have is the comment from McKenzie and the message from Kypreos to go from. 

Speculate all you want in the comments, but don't get too excited or too depressed about a specific deal. It seems to be all conjecture at this point.