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Updated by Travis. Original post by JpH here:

Yeah, I just thought it would be cool and all, and Im down for skate or foot, whatever works best with the majority of people. I was thinking an Orange team and a Black team, so bring a jersey or tee for both colors. I live In Ardmore, PA(right by St. Joes and Nova), so as long as its not somewhere ridiculously far, im down. I was thinking just sticks, skates?, and the color shirts, I dont think we’ll needs any pads and junk, unless your a goalie.

P.S. – I have one set of goalie pads and a net (neither are regulation size) so i’ll bring them if we do this, but if anyone else has better equipment, feel free to let me know.

P.P.S. - Whats a good date for this? Im good whenever, except the 5th and 14th of April, and the 10-15th or May.

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