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Flyers fall to Sabres in OT, 3-2

[SBN Game Page] - [Buffalo Reaction]

The Flyers fell to the Buffalo Sabres 3-2 in overtime on Friday night at HSBC Arena. We'll have a full recap up either late tonight or early in the morning with some reaction to this one. For now, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Because it's so late, we're just going to answer our questions from last night.

Can the Flyers control the offensive tempo of the game?

Off and on, yes. They didn't out of the gate but as the game went on they did spend prolonged stretches in the Sabres end.

Will Michael Leighton bounce back after Wednesday's loss?

Refer to the comments on this one. Lots of mixed opinion, but I would say that the answer is a little bit of yes and a little bit of no. This comment from DragonGirl0583 sums things up nicely, I think:

I feel like I’m all alone in my position of feeling hot and cold over Leighton’s performance last night. There were definitely some very good decisions and some very bad ones, so I can’t really condemn him nor can I say I’m happy. I wasn’t home so I hadn’t read any stuff before the game, and I admit when I was listening to the first period on the radio I ran off a few expletives when I heard Leighton was starting, I honestly felt at the time that they should have started Boosh. He wasn’t looking too bad at the end of Tuesday’s game once he started to get his stuff together, and I want him to play a full game before he gets rusty again so we can actually evaluate where he is.

How does Ville Leino look with an increased role?

Leino displayed some instant chemistry with Jeff Carter and Danny Briere. The trio looked as if they had a scoring chance on each shift. Very entertaining.

Can the Flyers as a whole not make the same careless mistakes that they made in Florida?

As with the first question, the answer is kind of a yes, kind of a no. They improved from the Florida game but by no means was this game perfect.