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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Boucher v. Devils and Versus Picks Sid

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • In case you missed the Bruins score three shorthanded goals on one penalty kill, here it is: [Behind the Net]
  • Heading into the playoffs, the Flyers have added seven players to their roster: [BSH] [Frequent Flyers]
  • A series of "History Will Be Made" videos starring the Flyers. [The700level]
  • Clearly, there will be a lot of stories about Brian Boucher facing the Devils 10 years later. Here's one: [CSNPhilly]
  • Here's a second, by Seravalli: [Daily News]
  • Here's a third, by Parent: [DelcoTimes]
  • And here's a fourth, by Hoffman: [Daily News]
  • Breaking down the Eastern Conference goalie combinations: [From the Rink]
  • Is there any way to predict who will be a "hot" playoff goalie?  Insert Geoff loves Boucher pun. [Behind the Net]
  • Wondering why the Flyers/Devils won't be on Versus?  Two words: Sidney. Crosby. [Puck Daddy]
  • Joacim Eriksson might not be heading up to the SEL: [euroflyers], but I think it's posturing.  Besides, his coach obviously wants him to stay: [euroflyers]
  • Could Mika Pyorala return to Europe next year? [euroflyers]
  • Lastly, a look at playoff-bound former Flyers.  Yeah, even Kings fans hate Randy Jones. [FGSB]