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Devils continue to look for excuses for Game 3 loss

Oh, this is just too good.

After a game where they had eight power plays, Jacques Lemaire, Patrik Elias and the Devils are complaining about officiating. Three of those came in the first ten minutes of play, and if their team was able to put together anything resembling an attack on those advantages, it could've been a drastically different contest last night.

Instead, the Devils flat out sucked on the power play all night long -- despite having eight of them. Yes, they did score twice on Brian Rolston shots that found their way through traffic, but quite honestly, that's more luck than anything. It's tough to defend against those blasts from the point unless you lay down in front of them, and the Devils are lucky those pucks had the eyes to find their way through the traffic and into the net.

But no, the outcome of the game has nothing to do with the Devils' general inability to score on the power play. Or the Devils complete inability to get more than three shots on Brian Boucher in the third period, including a 12 minute long stretch from between the end of the third and OT where they registered ZERO shots on goal. Or the offensive incompetence of Ilya Kovalchuk and Zach Parise on Sunday night. I mean, hell, those two didn't do ANYTHING.

But no -- it's the refs fault, because they missed a too many men call against the Flyers in overtime, apparently.

From the Devils' official Twitter feed [1, 2, and 3]:

Jacques Lemaire said today that the Flyers had too many men on the ice before David Clarkson's penalty in overtime.

Lemaire: "We were yelling, the guy was at center ice. Nobody said a word about this. That is before the winning goal."

P. Elias: "For about five, maybe 10 seconds, [Flyers] had three defensemen there. I think the whole bench tried to let the referees know."

You know, if the Devils scored one more goal in those EIGHT power play chances they had in regulation, the Flyers wouldn't even have had a chance to put too many men on the ice or whatever they allegedly did.

Hey Jacques, Patrik: here's a suggestion. Instead of complaining about the terrible officiating last night, which actually gave your team the advantage more often than not, why don't you try complaining about how shitty your team's offense was last night? Oh, because that wouldn't deflect the blame away from yourselves?

Oh, okay. Fair enough.