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Meet goalie number seven: Flyers sign Sebastien Caron

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The Flyers have signed goaltender Sebastien Caron, as first reported by media in Quebec. The journeyman is a former draft pick of the Pittsburgh Penguins who had been playing in the top league over in Switzerland.

We'll link you his numbers here, but just know that he wasn't all that great over there. Swiss hockey isn't exactly the Swedish Elite league, either.  He's just not a good goalie, hence one of the reasons the Penguins went ahead and drafted Marc-Andre Fleury.

Earlier this week, Paul Holmgren said he was after any and all options in the Flyers crease. It's safe to say now that was an accurate statement. It shows clear desperation in the Flyers front office. Beyond that, really. It's just... a complete nightmare. Words don't describe.

Brian Boucher hasn't gotten the job done for whatever reason, and with Johan Backlund out and the only other option being an ECHL-caliber guy, Caron is going to have to be the answer. Will he be Boucher's backup? That's up to Laviolette, I'm sure. Either way, he's likely an upgrade from Jeremy Duchesne. Notice how I said likely and not definitely, by the way. 

There is one bright side to Caron, though. You likely remember him from such 2006-06 saves as "The Night Brian Savage Decided To Retire."

According to the Daily News, Caron has a one-way, one-year deal for $500,000. Pro rate that and you'll see that the Flyers are paying him about 4 dollars and 6 cents. He won't be eligible for the playoffs, so it's five games for this guy. Does that qualify him to even get a name plate on his jersey? I hope they start him just so we can see that green mask contrast with the orange jersey.

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