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Moral victories don't count: Flyers dominant, but Halak too good in 1-0 loss

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First things first: anybody who says that the Philadelphia Flyers didn't show any heart tonight is an idiot. Anybody who says the Flyers didn't have what it takes tonight is an idiot. Plain and simple. I don't throw insults out there like that often, but people are just irrational. It's beyond frustrating; even more frustrating than this bi-polar team has been all season.

Last night in Long Island, frustration was understandable. But when the Flyers play like they did tonight, from Brian Boucher to Braydon Coburn to Chris Pronger to Ville Leino to James van Riemsdyk, and still don't get a win, you need to stand up and hand it to the other team. Jaroslav Halak did everything he needed to do for the Montreal Canadiens tonight, and as a result, the Habs win the game.

Be disappointed, and be angry that the Flyers have put themselves in this current situation. But don't get down on them. Not tonight, not after they just laid it all on the line in an attempt to get two points. We're fans, so let's try and act like it. Is being negative at this time of year really going to make a difference anyway?

Okay, now that that's out of the way, it's time to digest the hard truth. The Flyers are in eighth place. Montreal takes sixth with the win, and idle Boston moves up to seventh because they've played one fewer game. Ninth tenth-place Atlanta plays Pittsburgh on Saturday at 1 PM, while the Bruins play Toronto at 7.

One more team to worry about, now: the tenth ninth-place Rangers, who also now sit just two points behind the Flyers in the Eastern Conference standings. Of course, we have two games with them next weekend. Luckily, the Flyers hold the 'number of wins' tiebreaker over Atlanta and New York, but we can't have the mentality of looking at tiebreakers.

The Flyers need to take care of their own business the rest of the way. They control their own destiny still, believe it or not. The way they played tonight is the way they need to play the rest of the season. If they fail to do that, then fine, we can pack it in right with them. But if they play like they do tonight, there's no reason not to get behind them the next four games and hopefully beyond. Why don't we try that out?

After the jump, questions with answers and the comment of the night.

Questions with Answers

  1. Are the Flyers in 6th place at the end of the night? No.
  2. Do we see Sebastien Caron in goal at all tonight? Oh thank God no.
  3. How does Bartulis look as a forward (lol)? Only played for about four minutes. I'll take it that Laviolette wasn't impressed.
  4. Briere has been successful against Montreal all year, including a hat trick last time out. Does that continue tonight? He was in it all night, especially in the third period, with the rest of them. No results to show.
  5. There were some fireworks between these two teams back before the Olympics. Any remnants now that the stakes are higher? Not really, just a little pushing and shoving.

Comment of the Night

Pierre is in that little box with Coatesy. I want to see them fight.

>> jello44