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Every Team, Every Scenario: Who Will The Flyers Play In Round Two?

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The virtue of being the first team in the second round means that there's a lengthy period where you have no idea who you'll play next. The Flyers are now one of only three teams who have reached the conference semifinals, so it's still vastly unknown who the orange and black will play come next week.

So let's run down all of the possibilities, shall we? There are three teams left that the Flyers could see in the next round: Washington, Pittsburgh, and Boston. They can't face Buffalo no matter what happens, because if Montreal and Buffalo both advance, they would see each other. They can't face Montreal in the semifinals either.


#1 WASHINGTON CAPITALS - up 3-2 over Montreal. Gm 6 Monday in MTL, Gm 7 Wednesday if necessary

It's pretty simple for the Flyers to play the top-seeded Capitals. If they win their series with Montreal, they'll face Philly because the Flyers will be the lowest seed remaining in the East. If the Canadiens come back and win the series, that'll open up all the other possibilities.


#4 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS - defeated Ottawa 4-2 in ECQF, awaiting semifinal opponent

The Flyers need the following things to happen if they are to face Pittsburgh in the second round:

  • Washington must lose to Montreal.
  • Buffalo must advance past Boston.

If this happens, #3 Buffalo will face #8 Montreal and the #7 Flyers will face #4 Pittsburgh... again. This is the only scenario which would lead to the Flyers facing the Pens in round two.


#6 BOSTON BRUINS - up 3-2 over Buffalo. Gm 6 Monday in BOS, Gm 7 if necessary Wednesday in BUF

The Flyers need the following things to happen in order to face Boston in round two:

  • Washington must lose to Montreal
  • Boston, obviously, has to win their series with Buffalo.

If this happens, #4 Pittsburgh will face #8 Montreal, while #6 Boston will face #7 Philadelphia.

The likely scenario, of course, is that the Flyers will face Washington in the next round, but which option would you prefer, and why? Vote in the poll and leave your reasoning in the comments.