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Monday Morning Fly By: Slow Weekend, but Dan Carcillo has a New Fan

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • Last night's NHL scores... Coyotes 5 - Red Wings 2 (series tied 3-3); Canucks 4 - Kings 2 (VAN wins series 4-2)
  • Gabe Desjardins continues his defense of the Sharks in this post titled "The Most Psychologically-Fragile, Least-Clutch Team in the NHL" [Behind The Net]
  • Jacob De Serres stopped 33 of 39 shots as Brandon was eliminated in the Eastern Conference Final. [Wheat Kings]
  • "More proof that Dan Carcillo is pretty rock n' roll:" [The700Level]
  • A look at the Washington Capitals: [Daily News]
  • Proof that Corsi and Fenwick numbers highly correlate to scoring chances - for the Oilers at least. [Hockey or Die]
  • The Flyers are scouting Patrick Thoresen again - Remember him? [euroflyers]
  • Looking at shot location and shot types.  Interesting findings. [Behind the Net]
  • This is either great news or bad news: "I'd be happy if I had a goalie coach. I learn so much new in Finland and it's interesting. It's only positive for me." - Sergei Bobrovsky [euroflyers]