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Flyers vs. Bruins: By The Numbers

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Some hodgepodge stats vaguely related to this upcoming Flyers-Bruins showdown (and the second round of these playoffs), from 0-17.  Why 0-17, you ask? No idea.

0 - Combined number of Russians on the Flyers and Bruins rosters. The teams lack Russians, but do have a total of ten nationalities represented on their rosters.

1 - The number of teams who clinched their first round series on home ice (Bruins). The seven other first round winners all clinched on the road.

2 - The number of teams who went undefeated on home ice in the first round of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Those two teams were the Bruins and Flyers.

3 - The number of time the letter "k" appears in Tuukka Rask's name, good for 30% of the letters in it.

4 - The number of Original Six teams remaining in the playoffs, evenly divided with one in each Conference Semifinal. The possibility of the first all-Original Six final four since expansion is still alive.

5 - Number of teams remaining in the playoffs who have played in a Winter Classic game, out of a possible six. Only the Sabres (Winter Classic 2008) are absent. This is the second consecutive season in which a Winter Classic match-up was revisited in the playoffs.

6 - The number of previous playoff games contested between the Penguins and Canadiens, the lowest number in any of the four matchups. The Canucks and Blackhawks have played 10, the Sharks and Red Wings have played 17, and the Bruins and Flyers have played 20.

7 - Days of rest the Flyers will have had between playoff games, the longest layoff of any team.

8 - Teams in the second round of the playoffs which have previously advanced to the second round within the previous two years.

9 - NHL franchises that have entered the league since Mark Recchi's first NHL game in 1989.

10 - Number of teams who won two (or more) games on the road in the first round of the playoffs, a record.

11 - Number of goals the Bruins scored against the Flyers in four meetings this year, against three different Flyer goalies.

12 - Number of goals the Flyers and Bruins combined for in Game 2 of their 1978 Stanley Cup Semifinal series, which was a 7-5 win for the Bruins at Boston Garden.

13 - Age difference between the Bruins starting goalie Tuukka Rask (23) and back-up Tim Thomas (36).

14 - The sum of Phil Esposito and Bill Barber's numbers, which both hang in the rafters of their respective former playing stops. (Yeah, I had nothing for this one).

15 - The number of wins the Flyers have earned in the last three years of the playoffs (2008-2010), the second highest total in the Eastern Conference during this span. Only the Penguins (34) have won more.

16 - Consecutive seasons in which the Bruins have failed to reach the Conference Finals. The Flyers have never had a drought of more than five seasons.

17 - The number of different opponents the Flyers have faced in the playoffs more recently than the Bruins. The list includes all three NHL teams in Western Canada.

Come up with anything more interesting/important/relevant for any of these? Share away in the comments.