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Despite logic, Larry Brooks writes story calling Chris Pronger the problem in Flyers' room

There is something foul in Philadelphia far beyond the goaltending fiasco that has become the focal point of the NHL's most disappointing team.

We're not there on a day-to-day basis, so we can't claim first-hand knowledge, but when two league GMs were asked what they perceived to be the problem, neither hesitated.

"Pronger," each said, referring to Chris Pronger, the defenseman who has a reputation for splitting locker rooms as well as heads.

>> NY Post columnist Larry Brooks

Two league general managers say that Chris Pronger is the problem in the Flyers' locker room. Let's think about this a little bit.

First, let's just qualify this by noting that only one general manager has been in the Flyers locker room this season, and his name is Paul Holmgren. Second, let's not jump to assumptions because that would be doing the same as this 'report' -- but how easy could it be to find two general managers who might not like Mr. Pronger? Half the league hates the guy, not to mention about 100 percent of fans who don't root on the orange and black.

But if you really, truly think about the claim that Chris Pronger is the reason the Flyers locker room is allegedly fractured, then that means the problems started this season, right? Wrong. The Flyers troubles didn't start in June or July or August or September. They started way before Pronger ever pulled that jersey over his head.

I think the funniest part about this is that Brooks insists on qualifying his report by saying "we're not in the room... ." It's funny that immediately after that qualifier, he tries to bring legitimacy back to the claim by quoting two general managers, who also aren't in the room.

So, okay, let's see the reaction from someone who is in the room everyday.

Philadelphia Inquirer beat writer Sam Carchidi:

Memo to Larry Brooks: Pronger is #Flyers' MVP and their unquestioned leader. Period.

We'll ignore the obvious Mike Richards sub-plot in that quote and move on. I think Pronger summed it up nicely himself.

"[Brooks] likes to stir the pot. He’s good at it. I don’t take credence to anything that comes from people like that’s mouth."

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