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One Week, Five Teams, Fifteen Games: A look at the Eastern Conference playoff race

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TEAM #6 Montreal (86 pts) #7 Boston (84 pts) #8 Philadelphia (84 pts) #9 NY Rangers (82 pts) #10 Atlanta (81 pts)
Monday at Capitals
Tuesday at Islanders at Maple Leafs at Sabres vs Devils
Wednesday vs Maple Leafs
Thursday at Hurricanes vs Sabres
Friday at Rangers vs Flyers at Capitals
Saturday vs Maple Leafs vs Hurricanes vs Penguins
Sunday at Capitals vs Rangers at Flyers

From here on out, every game listed above matters more than life itself. Including, for the first time all year, any and all games played by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And if a game above is in italics, it matters more than at least one person in your immediate family.