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Five Days, Four Teams, Eight Games: An Updated Look at the Eastern Conference Playoff Race

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TEAM #6 Montreal (87 pts) #7 Philadelphia (86 pts) #8 Boston (85 pts) #9 NY Rangers (82 pts)
Wednesday vs Maple Leafs
Thursday at Hurricanes vs Sabres
Friday at Rangers vs Flyers
Saturday vs Maple Leafs vs Hurricanes
Sunday vs Rangers at Capitals at Flyers

Things look a whole lot better for the Flyers and Flyerphiles everywhere after Tuesday, where all four games that mattered turned out just about ideally. The Canadiens picked up a charity point that was somewhat less than ideal, but as Meat Loaf sort of said once, three-and-a-half out of four ain't bad.

The Flyers can clinch several ways now, as early as tonight. The Flyers will make the playoffs if...

  • The Rangers lose in regulation vs. Toronto on Wednesday
  • The Rangers lose in overtime/shootout vs. Toronto and the Flyers earn at least one point in their remaining two games.
  • The Flyers win one of their remaining two games.
  • The Flyers lose in overtime/shootout in both their remaining two games.
  • The Bruins earn one or fewer points total in their remaining three games.
  • The Flyers earn more points in their remaining two games than the Canadiens earn in their remaining two.

There are more ways as well, but those are the simplest of them. All in all, things look much better for the Flyers than they did this time yesterday.