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It's Finally Here!!!!!!!!!11

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Only $37.49!!! Image via <a href=""></a>
Only $37.49!!! Image via

I know what you're thinking--this 10-disc box set of the Washington Capitals greatest games is overdue!

With all those great Capitals triumphs over the years, how difficult must it have been to whittle the pride and tradition of the franchise down to only ten games? To make that selection process a little easier, the creators of this keepsake item wisely decided to ignore the first fourteen years of the franchise altogether. Everyone knows the first third of a franchise's lifespan is for rebuilding, anyhow.

The Capitals are, by my count, the eighth team to be immortalized with one of these "Greatest Games" box sets, ahead of such lowly franchises as the Colorado Avalanche, New Jersey Devils, and Detroit Red Wings.  The Red Wings may have eleven Stanley Cups, but the Caps beat them to getting a ten-disc set! Time to transfer the title of "Hockeytown" to DC once and for all, I say!

The set includes only one game from the team's lone run to the Stanley Cup finals in 1998, but includes a full SEVEN games in the Ovechkin Era, a period of time which has changed all of our lives immeasurably. 

I know, I know -- 8 with Ovechkin would have been far more appropriate.  But Ovechkin's name does appear in the sentence-long descriptions of three of the games, which, while fewer than the number of games he missed due to suspension this season, is still an awesomely large amount.

If you're newer to hockey and think that the Capitals have been "Rocking the Red" since 1975, and the idea of the Capitals wearing anything but those current uniforms you've already bought twelve of (including a Leonhardt jersey you spent $400 customizing and three Ovechkins: one red, one white, and one in Cyrillic -- Овечкин FTW!) is too daunting, fear not! Six of the ten games are with the team wearing its current jerseys, the ones that date all the way back to 2007. There's even a regular season game against the Panthers! Not the one from November of 2007 with attendance of 10,526, though...

If 2007 is still too far back into Capitals history for you to reminisce about, know that two of the ten games are from the 2009 Playoffs.  Yes, that illustrious post-season campaign that saw the Capitals defeat the #7 seed late in Game 7 to win a playoff series for the first time in eleven years.  If that doesn't represent the pinnacle of sporting achievement, I don't know what does.

We both already know you're buying the thing, so you'd might as well move quick! The set only came out two weeks ago, but someone is already selling a used copy, which is clearly an indication that demand is high.  So order yours today!