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A Flyers win in regulation tonight ends the madness

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If the Flyers win tonight in regulation, everything stops. We clinch. The Bruins will clinch. The Canadiens will clinch. The Rangers season will abruptly finish. Here's how it all breaks down.

  • If the Flyers beat NYR (in regulation or OT/SO), they clinch. They would also seal the deal for Montreal and Boston, because the Rangers loss would push both those teams over the top.
  • Boston needs a regulation win by the Flyers to clinch, but the Rangers can gain one point tonight and Montreal will still clinch. This is because the Canadiens hold a potential tiebreak over NYR while Boston does not.
  • If the Rangers lose in regulation or OT/SO, they're out.

It's gotta be a little weird for Blair Betts, if you think about it. A year ago as a member of the Rangers, he was responsible for killing the Flyers home-ice hopes, which you could argue had something to do with the reason they lost in the first round against the Penguins. Now with the good guys, he's tasked with dispatching his former team from the postseason.

He won't admit he's thinking that way, but you know it's popped into his mind. In any event, go Flyers. Let's not just get in to the playoffs tonight. Let's make those SOB's from up the Turnpike miserable while we do it. Let's make them come into our building on Sunday with nothing to play for.