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Carcillo a 'game-time' decision, seems like he'll play

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It seems like Dan Carcillo will be in the Flyers lineup tonight. The team said via Twitter that he's a game-time decision for tonight's Game 5 and that he "looked good" in his 25 minute skate this morning. 

In the playoffs, when a player of Carcillo's ilk skates in an optional morning skate and, by all accounts, he "looks good," it's safe to say he's playing in the game, wouldn't you say? If Carcillo does in fact play, that means we won't see Jon Kalinski  "flying... again."

Carcillo injured his knee during Game 4. He left the bench for a good chunk of time in the third period but ultimately did return to the bench before the end of the game. He didn't return to the ice, however.