BSH MEET UP - Wachovia Game 7 Viewing Party

Ed. Note - flyrfrk05 posted this in another FanPost. Had a lot of detail so I'm adding it here, but deleting his post because the discussion is going on in this one. Talk about the viewing party here.

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So, seeing as the Flyers have now forced a Game 7 with a wonderful performance tonight, this series will be headed back to Boston.

However, just because the game will be up in Boston doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the game here in the lovely city of Philadelphia. So this post is intended to see who, here from BSH, is interested in meeting down at the Wachovia Center to watch our Flyers take on the Bruins on Friday night.

Yes, it is official. The Flyers will be offering a viewing party at the Wachovia Center starting at 5:30pm on Friday.



So, with that said, who is interested? I am not sure what everyone wants to do, but, if the block party starts at 5:30, I'd love to get done to the Wachovia Center for that and then watch the game as a group.

Feel free to wiegh in on what you favor and any other options that might work. Also, anyone have a good place to meet up?

                                                                     Oh, and LETS GO FLYERS!

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