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Eastern Conference Final: #7 Philadelphia Flyers vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens

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Hard as it is to believe, the Philadelphia Flyers have home ice advantage in the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals, after playing their last eight consecutive playoff series without it.

For those of you who may not remember what it's like to have home ice, I understand.  After all, it's been over six years since the Flyers were the higher seed in a playoff series.  In a nutshell, it's going to mean that the Flyers will be hosting Games 1, 2, 5*, and 7*.

With that explanation out of the way, here is the schedule for the fifth-ever playoff meeting of the Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens:

Game 1: Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers--Sunday May 16, 7:00--VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 2: Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers--Tuesday May 18, 7:00--VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 3: Philadelphia Flyers at Montreal Canadiens--Thursday May 20, 7:00--VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 4: Philadelphia Flyers at Montreal Canadiens--Saturday May 22, 3:00--NBC, CBC, RDS

Game 5*: Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers--Monday May 24, 7:00--VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 6*: Philadelphia Flyers at Montreal Canadiens--Wednesday May 26, 7:00--VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Game 7*: Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers--Friday May 28, 7:00--VERSUS, CBC, RDS

Talk it out in the comments below.  Let's Go Flyers.

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