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ECF Game 3: Montreal makes it a series with 5-1 rout of flat Flyers

This is Montreal in a nutshell.
This is Montreal in a nutshell.
Flyers lead series 2-1
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Well, we knew it wasn't going to be a sweep. From the start of Game 3, Montreal clearly wanted this one more. Here are the Canadiens, returning home to a raucous crowd, essentially with their season on the line. Meanwhile, their opponent, the Flyers, have cruised through their last six straight games. We probably should have seen this one from a mile away.

It's not acceptable. The Flyers simply didn't want it as much, and as a result, the Habs ran all over the Flyers. They were fast, they were strong, they were... relentless. But on the bright side, the Flyers showed a lot of emotion late. Stupidly, the Habs got physical with Danny Briere and Mike Richards in the final two minutes, leading to a bit of a scuffle and ultimately the Flyers' first fighting major of these playoffs -- a Scott Hartnell beat down of Roman Hamrlik.

But in the end, the only thing that matters is that Philadelphia didn't show up, and they lost big to a desperate team as a result. Peter Laviolette was furious in his post game press conference, blowing off questions from honest reporters like some kind of jerk.

In the midst of the few words Laviolette did mutter, though, he said, in a very matter of fact way, "we will be better on Saturday." Last time this guy made a promise like that, the Flyers were losing in the second period of Game 7. He told Versus "we will win this game." You know the deal.

It's one game. The mistakes caught up to them, but you can be sure that they'll regroup and be ready to go come Saturday afternoon.

After the jump, questions with (Laviolette-style) answers and the comment of the night.

Questions with (Laviolette-style) Answers

  1. Can the Flyers get off to a quick start in Montreal? No.
  2. How does Jacques Martin change the matchups to counter the Briere line, and does it open things up more for the Richards line? It doesn't matter.
  3. Will the Flyers continue to get traffic in front of Jaroslav Halak despite the addition of Ryan O'Byrne to the lineup? It doesn't matter how much traffic you get when you don't control the puck.
  4. Does Michael Leighton continue to stay red hot? Leighton was fine tonight.
  5. Can the Flyers PP keep up the pace? The power play has to improve. The power play will be better on Saturday.
  6. Seven straight wins? No. Is that all? Thank you. *walks away*

Comment of the Night

Yeah, I don’t know either, I just loved yelling his name… try it sometime it’s fun…

>> PatterPoet95, on missing R.J. Umberger

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