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Laperriere skates with Betts, Powe; Is he playing Game 4?

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Ian Laperriere skated again with the Flyers at practice today in Montreal, but this time, his linemates may lead us to believe he'll be in the lineup come Game 4.

Lappy skated with his usual partners, Darroll Powe and Blair Betts, while his replacement, Andreas Nodl, skated on a "fifth" line with Riley Cote and Jeff Carter. What does this tell us?

Well, it seems that Laperriere running with his usual linemates is a sign that he's prepping to return as early as tomorrow's Game 4. Nodl's bump down to skating with the always-scratched Cote shows that he's on the verge of being removed from the lineup, while Carter's spot on that line seems to show that the Flyers leading scorer is not yet ready to return.

As always, this sort of thing is all speculation, but there's no reason why we can't speculate about Lappy's return to the lineup.  Many fans were of the opinion that if the Flyers continued to win hockey games, there would be no reason to mess with the current lineup.

But if Laperriere is 100 percent healthy, and given the nature of his injury and the way he was shaken up about it, we're sure he will be 100 percent next time he hits the ice, do you think the Flyers could use the extra boost that he'd no doubt bring to the lineup now that they've lost a game in this series?

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