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2009-10 Flyers' Playoff Fenwick and Corsi Numbers

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We have been linking to Vic Ferrari's terrific Time on Ice site for awhile now, including links in our game recaps.  In the post-season, we started doing a game-by-game analysis of his stats. 

Those game-by-game posts stopped for two reasons.  One, I had finals and didn't have the time.  Two, the last story posted was after Game 3 against the Bruins.  By the time Game 7 rolled around, superstition got the best of me.

Even still, I didn't stop recording the data.  And after trying to figure out how to do it for quite some time, I finally learned how to take all the single-game files and compile them into one post.  Below is the link to the complete Flyers Fenwick and Corsi information for the playoffs.  Yes, even Johan Backlund makes an appearance.

To look at the comprehensive information, click here.

To look at the comprehensive zone-start information, click here.

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