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Scott Gomez hoped for injury to Flyers players on Saturday

Scott Gomez prepares to set fire to his reputation over the weekend.
Scott Gomez prepares to set fire to his reputation over the weekend.

Canadiens forward Scott Gomez said yesterday he had hoped when the Flyers were leaving the ice that they doing so because they were injured.

"They had some big names going," Gomez said. "You're kind of hoping they don't come back. I saw Richards go over, and, yeah, you're kind of hoping in the back of your mind, hoping it's an injury."

Gomez said the Flyers were "stretching" and "searching for stories," but, if it was him that sprinkled the sand, he "wouldn't tell."

>> Philadelphia Daily News

Scott Gomez is pathetic.

Several Flyers left the ice throughout the course of Saturday's Game 4 in Montreal with skate issues, which may or may not have been caused by sand or some kind of substance in the locker room tunnel. Many of us were fearful in the first period when Philadelphia players were dropping like flies on the ice and quickly retreating to the locker room. Injuries were the likely cause, especially the way things have been going for the team this season.

And if you're on the other side of this series, you probably hoped that was the case, but if you have any kind of soul at all, those feelings typically linger for about 60 seconds. You, the respectful individual, would certainly never admit such feelings to the media, either.

But of course, you're not Scott Gomez.

Some may applaud Gomez for shedding the political correctness of the situation and speaking his mind, but admitting that he hoped Mike Richards, Kimmo Timonen and the other Flyers who left the ice on Saturday were injured is just unacceptable.

You simply don't hope for injuries. This should go without saying, really, but unfortunately we're apparently not that evolved just yet. To hope for such a thing shows quite a bit about Gomez and the Canadiens, namely that A) he has no respect for the lives and the careers of his opponents, B) he has no brains when it comes to talking to the media and C) he doesn't think his team can win without outside help.

More on the second part of Gomez's comments after the jump.

Gomez went on to say that the Flyers were "stretching" and "searching for stories" when it comes to the whole sand in the tunnel issue. Quickly, let's take a look at the Flyers post-game quotes from Saturday. I want to see this searching for stories thing for myself.

Paul Holmgren...

"I don't know anything about it," Holmgren said. "I don't think there's anything to it."

Peter Laviolette...

We had skate issues, that’s for sure," coach Peter Laviolette said. "You know, we lost [Mike] Richards three times, Kimmo [Timonen] two times, and I don’t know. "I’m not familiar with the rumors, but we certainly had some skate issues."

Ian Laperriere...

"I saw a couple guys getting their skates sharpened, but that happens every game," Laperriere said. "In Montreal, you notice it more because you've got to go across the ice. Every other building, you just go in the back and you don't see it. I didn't see anything, and I didn't hear any of the other guys say anything about it during the game."

Lots of stretching going on here, huh?

Scott Gomez is pathetic, but at least he can sleep well at night with the millions of dollars he doesn't deserve.

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