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BSH Radio 19: Cup Final-Bound Flyers Prep For Blackhawks, We Make Our Final Predictions

The Cup Finals are here, and while we'll likely be stepping up the radio game during the next two weeks or so, we're here with our typical Wednesday show this week.

On the show this week, Ben, Geoff and I spend a few minutes on the celebration of an Eastern Conference Championship, but much like the team itself, we quickly turn the page to the Chicago Blackhawks.

What are their strengths? Their weaknesses? What are the big matchups we should keep an eye on? Do the Flyers stand a chance?

We'll tell you right now that, yes, we make our predictions for the Final on this week's show, and yes, Geoff does pick against the Flyers again. It's working. But for Ben and myself, it's a pretty insane question. It's not just making a prediction. It's asking the question "will the Flyers win the Stanley Cup? Absolutely wild.

As always, you can get the show after the jump.

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