If You Want to Actually Understand Hockey, You MUST READ This Author

I held my tongue for a few weeks to see how he played out, but Justin Bourne on PuckDaddy is fucking amazing.

Here's a link to an archive of everything he's written.  Some of it are game recaps and stuff, so I'm going to pick out the awesome stuff.;_ylt=AuTfTviGZ6jb7iuv5lrKtq9.ppJ4?author=Justin+Bourne

This is his own blog:

He also writes for USA Today.


I'm not going to vouch for all of that stuff because I haven't read it.  But inside look stuff he's written is incomparable and, frankly, in comparison, guys like Clement, Jones, etc. should be completely embarrassed.


When the meatheads hit the books: Inside hockey playoff prep


How Blackhawks overpower opponents; can Philly stop them?


Shot blocking a measure of team commitment, success


The psychology that goes into playing a Game 7


On matching lines, abandoning strengths and the playoffs


On taking shots, creating chances and the Montreal Canadiens




I'm now in the process of backreading his blog.  I'll bookmark the best articles and throw them up here some day if you guys are interested.


But I can't recommend his writing highly enough.

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