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Flyers @ Bruins Game 2: BSH Time Machine Edition

Sort of what we did.  Image via <a href=""></a>
Sort of what we did. Image via

As you know, we here at Broad Street Hockey are committed to bring you Flyers coverage before anyone else.  With that commitment to breaking news, Travis and I decided that the best route to go to ensure that we at BSH got you coverage of Game 2 of the Flyers-Bruins series was to travel through time.

So we each went to a nearby hardware store and picked up a couple lawn mower engines, digital alarm clocks, and duct tape.  Then we built ourselves a couple of time machines.

Travis and I each typed in "Flyers @ Bruins Game 2" as our destination, and away we went, soaring through time at 88 MPH.

So we present to you now, in the comments below, our running thoughts on what happens in Game 2 of this  Flyers-Bruins series.  The Bruins lead the series 1-0.

Go Flyers.

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