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Monday Morning Fly By: Game 2 Tonight, Happy Memorial Day

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • Happy Memorial Day.
  • Just can't get away from those goalie woes. [ESPN]
  • Not so fast. People are wrongfully focusing on goaltending as the issue in Game 1. [Delco Times]
  • And as a result, Leighton is starting Game 2 tonight. [BSH] [CSN]
  • ... and it's the right choice. [Inquirer]
  • Some statistical stuff on switching the goaltender. [Behind The Net]
  • Meanwhile, the Flyers were absolutely dominated in the faceoff circle in Game 1, especially in the first period. [CSN]
  • Dan Carcillo is playing tonight. Ryan Parent is likely sitting. Five defensemen for your Flyers. [In The Room]
  • Jonathan Toews: "Again, as a team, I'm very thankful as a team we found a way. But again, I think we can all treat it as kind of a loss. We all know it wasn't our best game, so we will prepare to play much better tomorrow night. I think both teams are putting that game behind them." [ESPN]
  • The Flyers need to tighten up on defense, but the Blackhawks are planning to do the same thing. [Inquirer]
  • Game 1 on Saturday night was the best Game 1 rating for a Cup Final game in 11 years. [Puck Daddy]
  • Why'd the Inquirer send John Gonzalez to Chicago again? Doesn't he hate hockey? [Inquirer]
  • The sudden increase in national media writing about our Flyers is not a welcome sight.

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