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Desperation defined: Simon Gagne skates at Thursday's practice

Let's play spot the Gagne! Photo via <a href="" target="new">the Bruins on Twitter</a>.
Let's play spot the Gagne! Photo via the Bruins on Twitter.

Remember what we wrote the other day, about how you can't really hurt a broken toe too much more than it's already hurt? It seems that Simon Gagne and the Flyers medical staff feels the same way, because there he was this morning at practice, skating his little heart out.

The reports flooded in on Twitter from the Flyers, CSN, the Inquirer and the Daily News. Gagne. Skating. Two days before he was supposed to undergo and MRI that would have potentially cleared him to skate. According to the DN report, he was wearing a protective boot over his skate to avoid further injury.

So, can Gagne play in Game 4? We don't know, but you have to imagine that the answer is yes. The Flyers are on the brink of elimination, and there's no reason to push up Gagne's timetable without the idea that he'll be in the lineup come a do-or-die Game 4. It's still a stretch, but with David Krejci officially out for the season in Boston and Gagne hopefully back in for the Flyers come Friday night, it might be the swing the team needs to at least get the series back north.

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