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CSN reporting that Gagne will play Game 4

The Flyers announced that Simon Gagne was a game time decision today and that the decision was up to him after warmups. That's changed, apparently, as is now reporting that Gagne will play in Game 4.

According to their reporting, Gagne had an MRI on Thursday that showed no further damage to his broken toe. He didn't skate this morning "as a precautionary measure," making you wonder how rusty he's going to be come game time tonight. He even told the media that he felt rusty yesterday, and that's completely expected given the circumstances. It's certainly a place for concern, if you ask me.

Peter Laviolette has not hinted at how much ice time Gagne will get in Game 4, but it appears he'll be on the normal top line with Mike Richards and Dan Carcillo. It also appears that he'll get some power play time, but Laviolette told the media that he likely won't use Gagne in penalty killing situations tonight.

How do you feel about this? Personally, I don't see any reason why Gagne shouldn't play. Even at 70 percent, he's better than four minutes of Jared Ross, and a broken toe isn't really an injury that you can hurt too much more. At worst, he slightly re-injures himself and he's ready to skate again by the end of June. It's not really a big deal. 

After all, to quote The Waterboy, "(this could be the) Last game of the year, Brent, can't hold anything back now."

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