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ECSF Game 4: Be Loud, Be Proud, Go Flyers

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Eastern Conference Semifinals, Game 4
#6 Boston Bruins at #7 Philadelphia Flyers
Bruins lead series, 3-0
Wachovia Center - 7:00 PM ET - Philadelphia, PA
Radio: 610 WIP (internet stream here), XM 205, SIRIUS 220
Get the Boston perspective at Stanley Cup of Chowder
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There's really not much to say about tonight's game from a hockey standpoint. We know what the Flyers have to do and the Flyers know what they have to do. But do we as fans know what we have to do?

The crowd at Wachovia Center on Wednesday night was embarrassing. Dead, flat, deflated, sparse at the end. 120 percent embarrassing. We should all be embarrassed at the atmosphere in our building on Wednesday night.

In a Game 3 where the Flyers took an early lead and promptly gave it up en route to a big loss, it's understandable that the wind would be out of the sails of those in attendance, and even those of us sitting at home. We were so excited coming off of the heels of the first round domination of the Devils, and to be down and almost out so quickly is completely demoralizing.

But honestly, that's no excuse to boo the team. That's no excuse to leave early. That's no excuse to not cheer. They're still your team, no matter what. Maybe I'm being all rah-rah here, but ask yourself truthfully if the players on the ice really deserve that treatment? Front office staff is a bit of a different story, but there's no doubt in my mind that the players on the ice want to win and will give it everything they have tonight and beyond, should things go as planned.

The Flyers are completely decimated by injury and have faced unimaginable adversity all season long. If the outcome is not what we're hoping for tonight, there's no reason to get down on the team as they leave the ice. We don't have to give them a standing ovation, and truthfully they probably don't deserve that should they lose tonight regardless of the adversity they've faced. But booing them off the ice and leaving early again would be an absolute embarrassment, and I would argue that anybody who does it should have their fan card revoked.

Of course, should the Flyers win tonight, it'll be much different inside Wachovia Center. But no matter what the outcome is, arrive early, be loud throughout, be proud no matter the outcome, and cheer on your team to victory. If they're going to come back and win four straight games, they need our support. They can't do it without us. Go Flyers.

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