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The Day After: Silver Linings After Losing A Shot At The Cup

The Flyers lost. The season is over. But hey, chin up! It's not so bad...

- We get to raise a banner next year. No matter what anybody tells us, the Philadelphia Flyers were the best team in the Eastern Conference this season. We were better than the Capitals. We were better than the Penguins. We were better than the Devils, the Sabres, the Senators and the Bruins. The rest of 'em, too.

- We have Chris Pronger for a long time.

- Our team played hockey yesterday. The Penguins are flushing toilets today.

- How much did our team grow this year? Our biggest complaint over the course of the regular season was that they had no killer instinct, or that they weren't a cohesive group, or that they were just a bad team. In the last two months, the Flyers threw all of that to the side. They became the team we all know they could be. With a few inevitable (and a few necessary) moves, this team is only going to get better. They've tasted the Cup, and they're going to be hungrier than ever come the fall.

- Our third round pick stays in Philly this year, baby.

- We have a whole season under Peter Laviolette to look forward to.

- Ville freakin' Leino. Holy cow. This guy is going to be so much fun to watch over the next several years.

- Think of the bandwagon that jumped on over the course of this playoff run. At least half a million people, you have to assume. If a couple hundred of those people become diehard fans, the game of hockey in our area will only continue to get better. The quality of our fanbase will only continue to grow. Flyers tradition will only continue to grow.

- Come July 1, just a short 20 days away, Mike Rathje comes off the books. Let us repeat: Mike Rathje comes off the books in 20 days.

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