Advanced Stats Glossary of Terms

As requested, this will be the glossary of advanced stats terms used in the Grading the Flyers series.

  • TOI/60

    Time on Ice per 60 minutes.  This calculates even-strength time on ice for the player per 60 minutes of team play.  Two things to notice:  1) It isn't even-strength time on ice per GAME, as it adjusts for over-time periods; and 2) It is in decimal form, so 11.5 is eleven minutes and thirty seconds.
  • QualComp

    This stands for Quality of Competition.  Gabe Desjardins explains it best on his site (Behind the Net FAQ page) but "It is the average On/Off-Ice +/- of the opposing players a player faces".  An excellent example is given at the link above.  He goes into further detail here.

  • QualTeam

    This stands for Quality of Teammates and is calculated the same way as QualComp.  A more detailed explanation can be found here.
  • G/60

    This stands for Goals per 60 minutes and counts only even-strength time.  Take the number of even-strength goals scored for the player, divide them by his total even-strength time on ice and multiply by 60.
  • A1/60

    Assists are both primary and secondary, based on whether they were the last player to touch the puck prior to a goal, or the second to last. A1/60 counts only those where the player was the last to touch the puck. Eric T. wrote about why primary assists matter and secondary assists don't, so we've started using A1/60 a lot more frequently.
  • PTS/60

    Points per 60 is the exact same as G/60, but includes assists.  Again, even-strength only.
  • GFON/60

    This stands for Goals For while On the Ice per 60 minutes.  Every time a player is on the ice for a Flyers even-strength goal (excluding empty-net situations), the player is given a GFON.  Then divide by his total even-strength time on ice and multiply by 60.
  • GAON/60

    Goals Against while On the Ice per 60 minutes is the exact same as GFON/60, but counts opponent's goals.
  • OSZ%

    This is Offensive Zone-Start Percentage.  For every even-strength non-empty net faceoff, the player receives either an Offensive, Neutral, or Defensive Zone Start.  The percentage is calculated by dividing the number of Offensive Zone Starts by the total number of Offensive AND Defensive zone starts for the player.
  • Fen%

    This stands for Fenwick Percentage, which is the total number of even-strength shots the Flyers got through to the net (Goals, Shots on Goal, and Missed Shots) while the player was on the ice divided by the total number of even-strength shots both the Flyers AND the Opponent got through to the net.
  • Cor%

    This is Corsi Percentage, which is the exact same as Fenwick except it includes blocked shots.  Think of Fenwick as "shots that got through the defense" and Corsi as "all shots directed towards the net".
  • PTake/60

    This stands for Penalties Taken per 60 minutes.  It includes only non-coincidental penalties taken, divides by 5-on-5 time on ice, and multiples by 60.
  • PDraw/60

    This is Penalties Drawn per 60 minutes and is calculated the same way as Penalties Taken per 60 minutes.

If you have any further questions, almost all are answered at Gabe Desjardins''s Frequently Asked Questions Page, or at

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