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Leino, Carcillo, Betts, Backlund Head To Operating Table

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9:08 PM UPDATE: Sarah Baicker from CSN was kind enough to pass along the information on what exactly ails Ville Leino. His surgery will take place on June 22, and it will be the same procedure Braydon Coburn had performed on him a year ago.

Coburn's arthroscopic surgery a year ago repaired a small bone issue in his left hip. It kept him out for about six weeks and seemingly didn't impact his season. Last week at the Cup Final, however, Coburn talked about his surgery, saying that it could have contributed to his slow start in 2009-10.

Surgery, whether minor or major, and recovery from it is always different depending on the patient, so it's yet to be seen if Leino will be adversely effected by the surgery come next season.

ORIGINAL POST, 1:36 PM: The list could continue to grow, as should be expected after a long playoff run, but right now, it sits at four.

Blair Betts, Dan Carcillo, Johan Backlund and Ville Leino will go under the knife for a bit of offseason surgery, according to Anthony SanFilippo's blog. Betts will get a procedure done to fix his frequently-dislocating shoulder, which as a problem for him all season long.

Backlund, who recently signed a two-year contract extension with the organization, and Leino will undergo a minor hip procedures.

Carcillo's seems to be the most serious, but that doesn't mean it's actually all that serious. It's apparently a sports hernia issue. None of these players are expected to miss considerable time and all of them will be back by training camp.