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Holmgren offered Forsberg a contract in March; Would you have been okay with that?

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Back in March, former Flyer Peter Forsberg was offered a contract by Paul Holmgren. If he accepted, the oft-injured Forsberg would have returned to the Philadelphia lineup just in time for the playoffs. Obviously, he didn't. has the details, in case you missed the story over the weekend.

Forsberg recently told the Swedish newspaper Expressen that he was offered a contract by Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren to join the team on March 2. Forsberg, who stands ninth all-time in career points-per-game (1.254) and fourth all-time in career assists per game (0.901) in 13 NHL seasons, declined for fear his injuries would limit his ability on the big stage at this point in his career.

"Yeah, it's true," Forsberg told Expressen of Holmgren's desire to re-sign the 1995 Calder Trophy recipient. "But I felt that I wasn't in good enough shape to go."

Forsberg has been hobbled for years now, dating back to his Flyers days in the mid-2000s. His foot problems have plagued past NHL comeback attempts and they've prevented him from playing in most of the games with his Swedish team, MODO.

But when he does play, he's still a world-class hockey player. In his last NHL action in 2007-08 with Colorado, Forsberg put up 14 points in nine games. With MODO last year, he only played 23 games, but he still put up 30 points, 11 goals.

If Forsberg opted to come over and play for the Flyers this March, would you have been happy with the move? It's clear that he wasn't 100 percent healthy, but if you could still get him in a spot where he'd be somewhat effective (and by all accounts, whenever he plays, he's still effective), would you have asked James van Riemsdyk to hand over his number for a few months so Forsberg could return?