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Flyers Trade Ryan Parent to Nashville for Rights to Dan Hamhuis

The Flyers have traded frequently scapegoated defenseman Ryan Parent to Nashville in exchange for the rights to Dan Hamhuis, who becomes an unrestricted free agent July 1st.

Rumors had swirled around Hamhuis coming to the Flyers around the trade deadline, but he stayed in Nashville through the end of the season and until his team lost to Chicago in six games. So already he has a lot in common with his new potential teammates.

Other Flyers whose rights were originally acquired from the Predators include Kimmo Timonen and Scott Hartnell.

If the Flyers are unable to sign Hamhuis, they get a seventh round pick in the 2011 draft. So it could wind up being a trade of Ryan Parent for a seventh round pick, which I would have applauded as well.

So it's goodbye to Ryan Parent, and hello to a guy whose name I pledge to pronounce differently every time I say it. Upgrade.

After the jump, Travis inserts some extra reaction, including what this could mean for Braydon Coburn, the rest of the Flyers offseason, and what the initial reaction on this move is from the Music City.

So, if the Flyers are to sign Dan Hamhuis, what does that mean for the salary cap? Well, it's expected that Hamhuis wants about $4 million-plus, and if that's the case, the Flyers are going to be very close to the salary cap. Braydon Coburn needs a new contract this summer, so what does this deal mean for him?

Well, when you assume that the Flyers are going to have to re-sign guys like Dan Carcillo, Arron Asham and Darroll Powe (maybe not the same exact guys, but they'll need to hand out contracts worth the same amount of money), in addition to finding a starting goaltender and re-upping Coburn, it looks like they're going to be very, very close to the cap (if not over it) when all is said and done.

The deal could mean a few things, then.

  1. Coburn could be left unsigned. Hamhuis would then replace him, and well, despite Coburn's resurgence in the postseason, that'd be a nice trade off. He's a restricted free agent, so the Flyers would get some compensation.
  2. Another trade could be in the works. The Flyers could be attempting to move an expensive forward, someone like Jeff Carter or Scott Hartnell, perhaps. The deals might not be done just yet, and if that is the case, well... we can't predict that at all, obviously.
  3. The Flyers just won't sign Hamhuis, and if that happens, they're still getting a seventh round pick for Parent. Some people (hey, Ben) would be just fine with that, too.

Here's the reaction from the Nashville side of things over at On the Forecheck:

One big concern with Parent is his durability. Unlike Hamhuis, who was a steady presence in the lineup, Parent has battled groin troubles for over a year, playing just 48 games last season.

By the looks of it, I'd say Parent would be targeted for 3rd pair and penalty-killing duties. His overall results in 5-on-5 play look pretty awful, his PK work not so much. In the playoffs, he was sheltered by the coaching staff, playing less than 7.5 minutes per game.

Certainly this isn't a case of trying to obtain equal hockey value in trade for Hamhuis, but at least getting something back into the organization. Clearly, the Predators believe there's still potential for Parent, and his left-handed shot could prove a nice complement to guys like Kevin Klein and Cody Franson.

When all is said and done, and there is still a lot to be said and a lot to be done with this deal, it seems like the Flyers have won this deal. They've won yet another deal with the Nashville Predators.