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BSH Radio 20: Analyzing Games 1 & 2 Of The Stanley Cup Final, Previewing Game 3

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The Flyers are down 0-2 in the Stanley Cup Final, but do not fear. BSH Radio is here. Or something.

On this week's program, we break down the Flyers pair of losses in Chicago to open the series. What went wrong? Should the Flyers feel fortunate that the games were close? Should the Blackhawks feel lucky that they squeaked them both out? What about matchups? Was putting Dan Carcillo back in the right idea?

But most of the focus of the show is on tonight's Game 3. The Flyers return home with a chance to either make this a series or hand the Blackhawks a Cup this evening, but returning home gives the boys in orange and black reason for optimism. They get the crowd boost, of course, and they'll hopefully get some bounces in their favor on home ice. Ben, Geoff and myself discuss the hopes for the series and what we think happens from here on out.

Oh, and lots of Oskars Bartulis talk. Never anything wrong with that, now.

Get the show after the jump.