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2010 NHL Draft, Discussion Thread: The Trades, The Picks, The Flyers Sitting Around Watching

None of these guys will be Flyers any time soon.
None of these guys will be Flyers any time soon.

Ah, draft day. Chris Pronger has been a Flyer for a year, and that's probably all this day means to us, really. With only the first round scheduled to go off today in Los Angeles (7 ET, Versus), the Flyers won't get a chance to walk to that podium unless they shock us all with another trade. Don't count on that.

But, think about it! Tomorrow, when nobody cares about the draft, after 88 players are already selected, the Flyers will get their moment to shine! Sigh.

We're not at the NHL Draft this year, but plenty of folks from SB Nation are. You can check in with their updates here.

We have a few Twitter feeds set up as well and those are available after the jump.

Our Flyers Twitter list can be found on the left sidebar of the site at all times, but for moments like this we like to bring 'er out in the open.

Go Flyers?