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2010 NHL Draft, Day 2 Discussion Thread: People Will Become Flyers Today

Workin' hard or hardly workin', eh Homer?
Workin' hard or hardly workin', eh Homer?

Believe it or not, the Flyers will make draft picks today! Several of them! It's gonna be awhile before they get their chance though, barring trades, of course.

Here's a list of the picks the Flyers hold in Day 2 of the Draft:

  • 3rd round, 89th overall
  • 4th round, 119th overall
  • 5th round, 149th overall
  • 6th round, 179th overall
  • 7th round, 209th overall

The draft today is on NHL Network, beginning at 1 PM ET.

Of course, the bigger news in our neck of the hockey woods is that the Flyers are reportedly after Evgeni Nabokov. We'll see if that comes true today, or if the Flyers make any other picks. After the jump, our in-draft discussion and a few handy Twitter lists.

Our Flyers Twitter list can be found on the left sidebar of the site at all times, but for moments like this we like to bring 'er out in the open.