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Flyers trade Jon Matsumoto to Hurricanes for 206th pick

See ya, Jon Matsumoto. The Flyers have traded the AHL center to the Carolina Hurricanes with the 206th pick in the NHL draft, giving Philly two picks in the seventh round, at 206 and 209.

After four seasons with the Phantoms, it became clear that Matsumoto was never going to break through in the Flyers organization. He's been a 30 goal scorer the last two seasons in the AHL, but the Flyers just don't have room at center. Hell, the Flyers can't even fit their NHL-level centers on the roster, let alone an the guy at six or seven on the depth chart.

Matsumoto will be a free agent this summer anyway. Best of luck to him in Charlotte and Raleigh, or wherever he ends up.