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Updated Flyers Playoff Corsi, Fenwick, and Zone Start Numbers

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With the Stanley Cup Finals now a best-of-three series, now seems as good a time as any to update the files I created on how they got there.

As always, these numbers are available courtesy of the great Vic Ferrari and posted after every game.  Since he doesn't compile them on his site, I've taken the job of compiling them myself.

With the great work being done at The Copper & Blue regarding scoring chances, these might seem a little inconsequential.  Unfortunately, the scoring chances weren't recorded throughout the playoffs, but if you want to look at Stanley Cup Finals scoring chances, they are a fantastic place to check.

Anyway, I've added percentages to the Corsi and Fenwick tables to give a clearer look at comparing players with less ice time.  Additionally, I've added a "Team" score to both tables for easier comparison to the team.

Oh, and these files are in .xls format, so there should be no worries about downloading.

Corsi and Fenwick Table

Zone Start Table