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Carcillo signs one year, $1.075 million deal

Opting not to hit the arbitration process, Dan Carcillo signed a one-year, $1.075 million contract with the Flyers today. Several sources, including CSN, are reporting that figure. It's a smart move by Carbomb, who likely realized that the Flyers have a ton of weapons to throw his way in the arbitration process. He may not have picked up $1.075 million from an arbitrator.

Carcillo made $937,500 last a year ago, so it is a slight raise. It's also likely a bit north of what his qualifying offer was from the Flyers. They had to offer him, at minimum, $984,375 according to the CBA.

So... one more year, at least, of Carcillo in Philly. The big question remains: how will Carcillo and Shelley, two guys who fit a similar mold, fit into this Flyers lineup?