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Grading the 2010 Flyers: Ian Laperriere

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Grade: A
09/10 Salary: $1,300,000
10/11 Cap Hit: $1,166,667
10/11 Salary: $1,200,000
Linemates: 39.1% Blair Betts and Dan Carcillo
Depth Chart Ranking: #4 Right Wing

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2009 - Ian Laperriere 82 3 17 20 -1 162 171 74 2:50 12:30 53 5.7

TOI/60 QualComp QualTeam G/60 PTS/60 GFON/60 GAON/60 OZS% Fen% Cor% PTake/60 PDraw/60
Advanced Stats 9.54 0.018 0.064 0.23 1.38 1.84 2.38 40.6 0.457 0.454 0.8 0.6

There are a bunch of stats above, but when it comes to Ian Laperriere, none of that stuff really matters. It doesn't make a difference that he only scored three goals. It doesn't matter that he was a minus on the season or that he has a Corsi number that's less than impressive.

In fact, the numbers that appear bad to the naked eye are actually an indication of how meaningful Lappy is to this Flyers team.

His terrible Corsi number, for example, is indicative of how much of a defensive machine he is. We know that with Lappy, the numbers don't matter. It's all about the intangibles. It's about laying it all on the line. It's about being a leader, and leading your teammates by example. It's about being the guy that everybody turns to when they need a spark.

If you just look at the stats and don't actually watch Ian Laperriere play the game, you see a marginal fourth line player that doesn't have much of an impact on the team. But as soon as you turn on the game and watch number 14 take a shift, you realize how important he is to this team. You realize why we all freaked out when he went down to injury in the playoffs.

You realize why he's one of the most widely respected players we've ever seen play for this team. You realize why we give him an A for his season.

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