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Flyers Officially Sign Nikolai Zherdev to One-Year Deal

It was announced today that the Flyers have signed Nikolai Zherdev to a one-year contract.  Unfortunately, no financial terms were released.  CSNPhilly's Sarah Baicker is reporting that it's a $2 million deal.

There isn't much to say about Zherdev that Travis didn't already say on Wednesday, but the Flyers are definitely banking on him to live up to his potential.  The former 4th overall pick has two 25-goal seasons in the NHL already, and a career 0.65 points per game ratio isn't bad to add to the team.

But where does this leave Simon Gagne?  With this signing, the Flyers are over the cap and have until the end of training camp to get back under.  The question becomes how much space do they need to clear and who is the guy who goes. 

Still, this news is no surprise as the story broke a few days ago.  Officially, Nikolai Zherdev is the newest member of the Philadelphia Flyers.